Lines That Wiggle

Candace Whitman’s Lines That Wiggle Is. Just. Wow. And illustrator Steve Wilson in his debut performance? More wow.

Lines that wiggle, lines that bend

Wavy lines from end to end

So…what do I love so much?

1) It rhymes. And rhymes well.

2) It’s quirky, quick, and clever.

3) The characters are so adorable that I want to peel them off the page and stick them in my pocket forever. A beret-wearing cat walking dachshunds and wearing a bow tie? Shaggy high-fiving monsters on pink bikes? AN ELEPHANT anxiously crossing a swinging bridge?! Created with few colors, little shading, and lines…they are perfect.

4) The lines that wiggle through the book are raised and rough and fun to touch. And GLITTERY.

5) And unexpected color combinations that feel retro and modern at once.


The lines in this book are the building blocks of the illustrations. They connect words to pictures. Visual literacy meets traditional literacy. The lines ARE the pictures. Sometimes, they are even the words. Each page on its own is gorgeous enough to remain a solitary piece of art. But we are luckier than that! This is an art gallery that fits in your backpack. Canvas after canvas of portable prints that connect together with words and a story. This is art, manifested in words and pictures bound in a book for a reader to savor and to study. Lines That Wiggle reminds me how much I love words, how much I love images, and how much I love picture books. 

This is me, celebrating Picture Book Month…Stunning little creatures that, not unlike these lines, have wiggled their way into my heart.

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4 thoughts on “Lines That Wiggle

  1. I have decided that you are “The Master” of all things “picture book-esk!”

    Once again – another fabulous share. I learn about the best stuff here. Glad you shared.

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