Bee & Bird

Bee & Bird by the delightful Craig Frazier is a surprising and grin-inducing read. Every time. And each time may be a different read for you depending on the perspective you take and the story you see.


You should be.

Bee & Bird is a bright and bold wordless picture book. Each illustration is a tightly framed snippet of a larger action. Page by page, your job is to fill in the blanks, to predict, to wonder, and to enjoy.


Unity refers to the whole of a design being more important and cohesive than any of its individual parts. Each separate element (or illustration) stands alone satisfactorily and beautifully, but the experience as a whole is extra special. The similarly toned colors, the lines and shapes in backgrounds and textures, and the different perspectives {note the boundary-pushing use of scale and size} on each page all contribute to the unity of Bee & Bird’s design.

Graphically, these pictures are loud and striking  -a perfect accompaniment to the unexpected journey of this bee and bird. So, so crisp and inviting and full of oomph. {A very technical graphic design term; do not argue with this teacher!}

And they holler out to the reader {YOU!} to come on over, pull up a chair, and get involved on this trip.


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2 thoughts on “Bee & Bird

  1. Thank you, Carter! I’m in Monterey with Fred, Erin, and little Henry and have sent a link to Erin so she can keep up with your wonderful blog.

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