LMNO Peas by Keith Baker is a clever and fun romp through the alphabet. But these are no mushy boring peas; each one is busy and has a very specific job to do.

The  A peas are acrobats, the  I’s are inventors, and the P peas are painters, poets, and plumbers.

Even though it’s a fast paced read, be sure to take your time through the pictures. Little gems are tucked away across each of the spreads. Have you ever wondered what a pea looks like while doing yoga? {They smile and wear sweatbands.} What do peas search for down in the mines? {Diamonds and…ladybugs.}

The bustling peas are in stark contrast to the giant letters which they represent. It’s a perfect illustration of size as a design element. Size refers to the relationships of one shape to others in the same composition. The greater the difference in size, the greater the visual interest of a composition. If the peas and their letters were roughly the same size, you would be unsure where to look; all of the elements would be competing for your attention. Instead, there is a huge (literally!) difference between the size of the letter and the size of the peas.

The bold letters loom large on the page in bright, textured colors. Though small, the peas are not lost in the composition at all. Each spread is dynamic and interesting, and because of that, your eye meanders through the elements to explore and breathe it all in.

LMNO Peas is successful for many other reasons, but Keith Baker’s mastery of the element of size is to be commended. And how appropriate, because peas are so bitty and tiny?! They may be little, but they pack a big punch.

Just look out for the outlaw peas. They are hanging out in the bottom corner and taking all your money. You’ve been warned.

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7 thoughts on “LMNO Peas

  1. good point about how if everything was the same you wouldn’t know where to look. i never thought about that before. now i am just dying to go get the book from the library and check out the the nuggets of pea antics!

  2. Keith Baker did such a wonderful job with LMNOpeas!
    I’d just recommended this book to a soon to be first time Mom.

    Hi Carter, As Rennee, I’m new to your blog and lovin’ it!

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