by Kathryn Otoshi

Looking for a picture book on numbers, counting, and value? This is it.

Looking for a picture book on feeling unimportant, finding friends, and celebrating differences? This is it.

Zero’s illustrations sing over crisp black and white pages. The lines that create Zero’s shape are a beautiful, glistening silver. So much about her character is revealed in the curves and motion of her lines.

In addition to line telling a character story, line is also used to layout the pages and guide the readers’ eye.

Line also guides some playful typography.

No true spoiler alerts here, but Zero gets her big moment. The puzzle is visual and literal and all around spectacular. You’ll love this one.

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8 thoughts on “Zero

  1. love the fluidness of the relationship between the text and abstract lines. as a designer myself examples like this are always inspiring to look at. you have wonderful/inspiring posts on your blog. my blog is a little bit less graphic which I find ironic since that’s what I do. But maybe its me exploring more areas of art and the creative field that helps keep my work fresh and to-date.

    • It’s pretty, right? I know what you mean…sometimes you have to separate what you do from who you are especially in a creative field. Probably makes you a stronger designer! Thanks for hanging out here!

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  3. Reblogged this on Xandrite Studio and commented:
    Kathryn Otoshi is one of the children’s book authors that made me want to take a class on children’s book illustration! Her and Peter H. Reynolds. Their books have a wonderful uplifting message telling kids to be strong and know that they are perfect as they are. <3

    I think I'll make my own post on Reynolds in the near future. Seriously, these books are one of the big reasons that I chose a second concentration in Illustration. Even as an adult, they hit home.

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