Beautiful Oops

Beautiful Oops by Barney Saltsberg

Do you have a minute and 21 seconds? Watch this and experience the book for yourself:


A torn piece of paper…

Is just the beginning!

This book is a perfect design display of texture. Each page, each oops is rich and bold and begs to be touched. The distinction between the matte page and raised art is so blurry, that I handed this over to a friend and she looked at her fingers after touching the page, just to make absolutely sure that the ink didn’t rub off onto her fingers. It was such fun to watch!

If you don’t giggle when you interact with this book, check your pulse. Or your cabinet, as someone may have replaced your Corn Flakes with Grump Cakes.

Plus, who doesn’t need some validation that it’s ok to make a mistake?! Just don’t sic your boss on me if something goes terribly wrong. He might not be as amused. {Tell him to check his Corn Flakes and run.}

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11 thoughts on “Beautiful Oops

  1. Oh my gosh, that is so beautiful!! It’s like a busy book, only GENIUS. I’m afraid my guys would tear it to shreds right now, but I’m getting it and tucking it away for later — right next to PRESS HERE.

    An accordian camera?? LOVE!

    (and btw, I love your gorgeous posts, too.)

  2. Is the author allowed to comment? What a beautiful posting! I am thrilled you found the book. I love the photos you posted. Thank you for helping to spread the Oops word! This book was a labor of love and I was lucky to find a publisher like Workman who had the ability to produce this book.

    Thank you again for sharing my book.

    Most sincerely,


    • Of course! And come back anytime! You’re not the first author to comment, and I certainly hope you won’t be the last…I hope I’m always in the business here of celebrating what authors and illustrators do. It’s heart work, hard work, and I’m just a very grateful reader:)

  3. How clever! II love interactive books. This is something children and adults will enjoy. Thanks for sharing. I would have never found this book myself.

  4. This is just so, so clever, I wanted to touch and interact with the post! This is a hidden gem. Thank you!

  5. Such a very cool book with a very cool message. On the list to buy. Thanks (I needed to spend another $20…)! And a cute song, too.

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