Summer According to Instagram

So whoa. The past few weeks have been madness.

Fun, glorious, overwhelming madness.

I traveled across the country to get my little sister hitched.

I read an AWESOME book on that plane by Jon Skovron, designed by the always impeccable Chad Beckerman.

She tied the knot. I got to stand next to her.

I took a picture of Thomas Jefferson’s backside in the lobby.

I attacked the LA SCBWI conference with all the excitement of a hyper squirrel and all the daze and glaze of an overtired zombie. New friends, fresh ideas, and all the courage in the world.

One of countless unreal moments (seriously, I danced in a flash mob. Many, many moments.) was this panel of picture book creators Jon Klassen, Antoinette Portis, Dan Yaccarino, Eugene Yelchin, and Lee Wardlaw.

Fires aren’t funny, WHOOP is.

WHOOP is the kooky, mushy word that represents my heart right now. Family, fun, and a big fat AMEN for picture books.

Coming up? Back to design, back to the picture book with the incomparable Saul Bass and his Henri Walks to Paris. Can’t wait for you to see it!

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