Good News Bad News

by Jeff Mack


Sorry for shouting, but I am in awe. Good, bad, and news. That’s it. But the story wrapped up in those three little words is hysterical, endearing, frustrating, and satisfying. Kudos to Jeff Mack, this is some serious storytelling.

{And truly, there are four words, but I don’t want to give away the ending. Still. That’s not a lot.}

If you loved Remy Charlip’s Fortunately, you will adore Good News Bad News.

{And if you are unfamiliar with Remy Charlip’s Fortunately, stop reading and RUN to your nearest library. We’ll be here.}

The illustrations are so lively they almost buzz with animation. And Mouse’s eyeballs are beyond expressive. His reactions are laugh out loud hilarious.

But something I especially love about the design of this book is its shape. Square.

Squares are solid, grounded, and balanced. The square is the perfect frame for this equilibrium of good and bad fortune. The tension between the good news and the bad news is net force is zero (fancy math terms, what?! Or physics?)

Even. Symmetrical. Square.

A seemingly subtle consideration, but I would wager that it was important in the design of this book.


I have my own good and bad news!

Remember that giveaway from last week?

The bad news: I haven’t mailed your Pantone Colors yet, Danny. Womp womp. {YET!}


The good news: Since I haven’t been to the post office yet, how about some more winners?!


{And even better, both of you said I get to pick! More good news. Send me an email with your addresses!}

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18 thoughts on “Good News Bad News

  1. Bravo, Carter. You have convinced me I MUST get this book to add to our library! My littlest will love it – I can already tell. :)

  2. Love this take on the sentiment to always look for the silver lining! Charlip (you know!) is one of my favorites but I’m inspired to go to the library for this one.

  3. Wow, thank you SO much Carter! Yahoo! I love winning things. OK – my fellow coffee drinkers at Panera are staring at me now… I will look at your list and email you with my address. Great review, too, by the way. I think my son would love this one — will look for it at the library.

  4. We’ve been reading this book almost every day for at least a week in my house at my 2-year-old’s request. She gets so sad on the page with Rabbit crying and then cheers at the end. Love it.

  5. I am doing my first picture book, writing and illustrating and I want to thank you
    and all the writer and illustrater that have web sites and send news letters it is a
    big help and there is so much information, Thank you so much Gabi.

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