The Things Tumbling in My Noggin


Thrilled for this book that won the SCBWI Golden Kite Award! I loved everything about it, from that dazzling cover to the gorgeous words and relationships inside. I’ve been a Joanne Rocklin fan since I read One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street, and I’m already looking forward to seeing her speak in LA this summer. She makes me glad to be a California writer.

That cover was designed by Chris Buzelli. I don’t think this one is on his site yet, but the cover for Orange Street is, and again…whoa.

Now, this book is about a cat. Not entirely, but he’s the glue that sticks all the other parts together. I’m not really an animal person at all, but this darn cat made me cry like crazy.


And speaking about animals, Random Acts of Reading asked me about a book that changed my perspective on something…anything. I talked about that Newbery-winning gorilla, Ivan, in this post. All around good suggestions there if you are adding to a toppling to-read pile like me.

Oh! I shared Jen Bryant and Melissa Sweet’s A River of Words on Design Mom this week. Worth a look if you love words and pictures and Caldecott Medals! Post right here. I love, love, love this book.


Hoping to snag copies of Open This Little Book and Flora and the Flamingo this weekend. Have you seen either of these? Adoration is an understatement. I’ll show you when I get them. Good thing sharing is only virtual in these parts, because…obsessed.

And two books that I can’t wait for – like burn the roof of your mouth on hot pizza can’t wait for – this one and this one. Again with the whoa!

Happy weekend!


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12 thoughts on “The Things Tumbling in My Noggin

  1. I bought myself a copy of Open This Little Book! I love the design–but I wonder how it will physically hold up with kids. The paperstock is thin, and I imagine the little pages getting torn. My kids had a clever book with hidden pockets and letters inside and it fell apart before any of the “normal” books that got as much or more use.

  2. Haven’t read any of these books…yet. Adding it to my list. I especially want to read The Five Lives of our Cat Zook. I need a good cry. Come on cat, bring it on!

  3. Love Flora and the Flamingo! I really love the Open This Little Book concept and art too, but I agree with Wendy’s comment above about the thin pages and questionable sustainability. Would definitely be a book for a kid to treasure and be very careful with.

  4. Thanks for all the great links! Windblown and Bluebird look amazing (Bluebird looks like a real tearjerker–in a good way!)

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