We Believe in Picture Books

Have you seen Candlewick’s yearlong celebration, We Believe in Picture Books? Here’s my friend Julie Falatko, who has an eye and heart for fantastic picture books and writes ones that are ridiculously offbeat but perfectly in tune.

And her kids are four of my favorite strangers on the planet.



And speaking of Candlewick, my Twitter friend Anne Moore Armstrong (@childbookart) sent me the FRENCH version of Jon Klassen’s I Want My Hat Back. I think you can imagine my reaction. MonChapeau!


One more thing. Remember Raymond McGrath and his AMAZING music video for his book, It’s Not a Monster, It’s Me!?

It’s a FINALIST in the New Zealand Children’s Music Video Awards!

How great is that? Excited for you, Raymond! Thanks for sharing your unreal talent with us.

And thanks to the rest of you, for going with the flow this summer. Things have been bananas in the best way possible. Did you catch my Twitter and Facebook screaming about signing with an agent?

Screen Shot 2013-07-04 at 9.57.22 AM

But in actual, physical, real books, my FAVORITE 2013 book is coming up soon, and I can’t wait to share it. Let’s talk design again!


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15 thoughts on “We Believe in Picture Books

  1. Congratulations re agent! And also thanks for including/discussing French picture books. Some of my all-time favorites are in French!

      • I do! We’re at the beach now, but when we’re back on Monday I’ll go through them. There are two in particular that I’m thinking of, but I’m blanking on the titles.

      • Le loup est revenue by Geoffrey de Pennart, Ollie le raleur (which I think are the Gossie books in the U.S) by Olivier Durea, Mandarine, la petite souris (un livre caresses) by Noelle et David A. Carter and my son loved the pop-up books from Mitsuko-Kimiko, La lune, l’ours, le chat etc. . . as well as ‘Ti Lapin Magicien by Benoit Charlat. I could go on. We also have a bunch translated like Je t’aimerai toujours by Robert Munsch that are wonderful in French.

  2. Hey there Carter! You’ve managed to force me out of the woodwork again and make my second online comment!
    CONGRATULATIONS on your news about getting an agent! Seriously! That is fantastic! Make sure you keep us up to date with all the what-happens-next’s!
    I can feel a brand new book by a new writer finding it’s way to a shelf already!
    Don’t make us wait too long!

      • Yes, that’s right and I will be dually impressed when the book is out in a more obscure language!

      • Do you follow him on Twitter?! First, cause he’s hilarious and brilliant. But off the top of my head (scary, I know) I’m pretty sure he’s posted the Japanese cover of EXTRA YARN and the Greek and Korean covers of I WANT MY HAT BACK. So cool!

  3. Thank you Carter for sharing these Candlewick videos. Great to hear from different folks on this subject. Especially appreciated the non-fiction segment.

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