Hooray for Hat! {book trailer}

Do you know Brian Won? You should. You will.

Remember a while back when I made that Brian Regan/snowcone/more favorite reference? That’s what it’s like looking through Brian’s portfolio. Just when I think I’ve picked a favorite piece – BAM. There’s the next one.

When his picture book Hooray for Hat! comes out in the spring you can bet I will be first in line. (And hopefully doing as impressive a highstep as Zebra. Watch. You’ll see.)



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19 thoughts on “Hooray for Hat! {book trailer}

  1. He’s so talented! If you read his About Me it says “Several years ago, I Googled “brian won” and the first result that appeared was “Brian won the funny hat contest.” Inspiration perhaps?

  2. Ms. Higgins and friends, thanks so much for the kind words. The idea and title of the book came from my three year old boy, Charlie. He was running around the house shouting “Hooray for Hat!” and I wondered why it was a single “hat” vs the plural “hats”. At the time, he was awful at sharing and poof! came the picture book, Hooray for Hat! Hooray for Design of the Picture Book!

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