I Am the King

i am the king copyby Leo Timmers

{published 2008, by Gecko Press}

Boom. Instant color story. I bought this book for its cover. Except – it’s pink. Really. Here’s the back cover of my copy to assure you I am not crazybonkers.breakerThe one up above is from Gecko Press’ website, and it’s blue! And gold! And I don’t know why, but I love that. Color is the standout of this book anyway, so even though I’m sure there’s a very official reason for the difference, it gives me another layer of grin-wrinkles. (Grinkles.)

Want more grinkles? Title page. Don’t skip over it, and don’t assume it’s just where all the boring stuff for librarians goes, because look:breakerThis moment, unknown to both a snoozing lion and a speedy turtle, drives the entire book. The story begins before the story starts. (And might now be my second favorite title page ever. Behind this one, of course.)breakerOne by one, wide-eyed and wishful animal friends fight for the right to that spectacular crown. The elephant’s anklet is my favorite. And so it’s never quite right until the true king regains his crown, but the mayhem along the way is as wild as the creatures themselves.breakerColor is a star. Mr. Timmers refrains from detailed backgrounds in favor of a solid, brightly colored backdrop. All of your attention is on the animal and his crazy claim. Where they live doesn’t matter, but they do. A tricky ape, a resolute croc, an elegant flamingo – all individuals, all with a hope and a story.breakerThe best way to distinguish these distinguished dudes? Color. A hue splash for each that matches their quirk and colors their dream to be king.


P.S. – Did you see? A chance to win a set of four Sassy board books!

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22 thoughts on “I Am the King

  1. Carter … thanks for reviewing this book from Leo Timmers. I was familar with his books: “Who is Driving”, and “All Through the Town” (I gave this book to a little boy age 3, who spends most of his days in a hospital, and it has been a great comfort, and bedtime companion) , … and this looks like another title! Wonderful in it’s simplicity. Always fun to get a sneek peak in a book!

  2. i am in love with your blog and am a super avid collector of kids books. besides a great story, a lot of them are basically art to me. i fear the day that my kids are too old for picture books. i’ll have to come up with a valid excuse for continuing to fill up the book shelves.

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