Sweet and Shorts: Lucy and the Anvil

breakerLucy and the Anvil, by Adam Kline and Brian Taylor

I backed this project on Kickstarter earlier this year, and am thrilled for these guys on their results. Top notch eye-candy. That purple and orange sunset? Swoonworthy.It’s offbeat. It’s kooky. Lucy loves this anvil, even though it’s not very good at seesawing or sledding. I mean, it’s…an anvil. This book is a friendship story, a love story, and a story about what you’re not very good at. Not being good at some things leaves you lots of room to be good at the most important things.

This interview with the guys is a fascinating read and shows a handful of images from the book. The cover more than hints at their similarities after all: check out Lucy’s pigtails, perfectly mirroring the anvil’s mighty arms. Thrilled with my copy!


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5 thoughts on “Sweet and Shorts: Lucy and the Anvil

  1. It seems like a wonderful project! I love the illustrations. They just pop! I hope their book does well. Seems like such a winner.

  2. I had never heard of Kickstarter until a few weeks ago. But it’s such a neat idea. I loved the pic you shared of the book, going to go look at more!

  3. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous! I’ve heard of kickstarter through my brother, quite a while back. It’s a wonderful “community” support system that’s definitely an option when needing people to invest in something. This is certainly a great investment! Thanks for sharing, Carter! :D

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