Winners! Winner!

HoldPileDo you know John Schumacher and Travis Jonker, the super-librarians? Both of their blogs are in my morning-coffee-check-in-routine, and they are in awards crunch time right now, so send them a little sparkle. Mr. Schu is serving on the Newbery committee, and Mr. Jonker on the Caldecott. Eager to hear the fruits of their work on the 27th!

Those two do an occasional roundup of library’s hold shelves, hashtagged #holdshelf. This is more of a hold pile, but I love it so much. One of my fourth grade classes swaps books like germs. Twenty-some books never even get shelved, just passed on to the next friend in line. They value each other’s recommendations, and think about which friend in particular would love a certain book.

It’s awesome. An honor to watch and facilitate.


Did you win some books?

The Mischievians: Penny Klostermann and Danielle Heitmuller!

The Tiny King: leandrajwallace!

Email me your addresses, and I will skedaddle to the mailbox! (Except maybe you, Danielle, maybe we should just plan dinner instead!)

Happy weekend!


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10 thoughts on “Winners! Winner!

  1. Yay! I started smiling like a loon when I saw my name! Can’t wait to get to read it to my little man, he loves books w/bright colors like The Tiny King. Thanks bunches!!!

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