I’m Carter Higgins. I live in Burbank, CA and am a motion graphics designer. I have designed and animated video game trailers, TV commercials and documentary programming, and film titles. {My demo reel is online at www.carterhiggins.com.}

I’m originally from Richmond, Virginia, where I was an elementary school library media specialist. I have a M.Ed. in Curriculum + Instruction, and graphic design was only a hobby. I loved the pulse of the library and miss it so much. Seems like an odd career jump, but the kids I taught learned so differently than the ways I was taught to teach them…as far as being so very visual and image savvy, and it affected how I taught them. Because designing was a hobby, I especially started to notice how I responded to images, and took a leap out west to create them.

I still get to teach however, and am teaching courses in both graphic design and Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects).

I LOVE picture books, and have been carting around my copy of The Stinky Cheese Man since high school. I met Jon Scieszka at the SCBWI conference in LA in 2011 and honestly could tell him that that book is why I have been both a librarian and a graphic designer.

Update! So here’s something fun…that picture of me and Mr. Scieszka was from August 2011. At ALA in June of 2012, I’ve now added Lane Smith’s John Hancock to my beloved copy of The Stinky Cheese Man!

Now, I’m in the process of writing and creating my own picture books, and can’t wait for the day mine is on the shelf. I love the look and layout as much as reading and writing the words…which is why I created this space online to savor the design of the picture book.


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  2. Dear Carter, you have a great blog! i am actually a children’s book author (one of the many hats i wear in a day)…and have a blog for my first book thats due to be launched in Aug 2012. hope you will spend a minute visiting my site and feel free to like/follow if the journey interests you. Thanks a million, Roshni. http://threegreendreams.wordpress.com

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  4. Miss Carter! How delighted I am to have found your blog. I’m going to have such a great time here, and I feel Very Certain that we are bound to be good bloggy friends since we have a wild love for picture books in common! Can’t wait to see more of your blog :) Aloha, Melissa

  5. Hi, Carter. Just want to tell you that I love your site. As a designer and illustrator, I simply love looking at all the amazing picture books you showcase on the blog. Gives me tons of inspiration. Thanks!

  6. Hi Carter, nice site and I also enjoyed your last post on designofthepicturebook. I like line-work done in that style.

    After many years in the stressful world of aircraft maintenance, I jumped into freelance cartooning. Nowhere near the same money, but I’ll live a lot longer.

    Food is basic, but stress is ZERO.

    With the print industry diminishing in Australia, work in my field is drying up, so I’ve just started to teach myself animation, using ToonBoom Studio.

    Any tips on a good direction to go in animation?

    eBooks was another passing thought but there seems to be too many traps with that.




  7. Great site. I’m in the middle of recording an album of family music and thinking about how to bring my sons to life through illustration and video. Your work is great. I’m documenting my process at dmheger.wordpress.com.

  8. Hi Carter,
    Do you do any freelance book design work for children’s picture books? I have both the text and the completed illustrations, but my original book design didn’t work out and I need a fresh approach.

  9. Hey Carter, the sight of your site is quite the sight! I really do love picture books too, there’s just something so timeless about them. Last year I worked with one of my best friends and we wrote and illustrated our own picture book for our teacher that was leaving on maternity leave. One of the most fun, exciting, and emotional things I’ve ever done.

    Keep up the great work and I’ll be waiting to fall in love with one of your books someday.

  10. I’m delighted to have discovered your blog while trundling through the system. I’m interested, as a childrens writer in the art of book illustration so you haven’t seen the last of me.

  11. I just ran across your blog and love your work!! I’ve always had a secret love of children’s books…something about the whimsy and magic and innocence really intoxicate me. Thank you for sharing!

  12. love the page, kudos from yet another designer and animator just completely in love with children’s picture books. The stories, the beautiful art, I love it all.
    I’m hoping to one day see my own tale for tots resting on the shelves in the children’s section. I wish you the best of luck in your publishing efforts, you seem to have a great eye for children’s books, and I’m sure you will have no problem.

  13. Inspiration leaps from your blog through my computer screen. I thank you for that. How many of us dream to see our words and images married between cloth-covered boards…so here’s to those that inspire, those who dare dream and those who can pause long enough to actually get the writing and art done!
    AnnMarie – anntogether.com

  14. I discovered you on Twitter and now found your beautiful little blog in “interspace”. I have been in love with drawing and picture books for as long as I can remember, so this is so inspirational . Thank you for such an exuberant community of likeminded folks!

  15. Hi Carter- what a wonderful ‘About’ page. I come from a publishing background (several times removed). I left my Art Director’s job when my first child (now 15) was born. I’ve always loved the breathing illustrations found in so many fantastic children’s books. Gifted illustrators like Grame Base, Dave McKean and Julie Downing’s work paint life onto paper worlds.
    I have no doubt your children’s book will be breathtaking and equally as stunning.
    new blogger, hoping one day to write/illustrate a children’s picture book too.

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